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We offer three levels of copyediting:

  • Level 1 – A basic copyedit is done, for punctuation, typographical errors such as missing prepositions, spelling errors, etc., where the content needs little intervention.
  • Level 2 – The standard level that we apply to about 80% of the copyediting we undertake, in which the basic copyedit plus editing for grammar, sentence structure and word choice is carried out.
  • Level 3 – Where the level of English is poor a comprehensive language edit is required.


Nova Techset uses three platforms for XML-first and non-XML composition, Arbortext APP (formerly 3B2), LaTeX and InDesign. In all three platforms Nova Techset can handle any complexity of content or of page design.

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Project Management

Nova Techset has over 15 years’ experience in journal project management and over 18 years’ experience of full service book project management. We currently project manage over five-hundred journal titles and have successfully project managed thousands of book titles.

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With over 18 years of history of providing innovative content technology solutions and publishing expertise, Nova Techset simplifies eBook creation and conversion for all mobiles or tablets, delivering the highest quality of affordable digital content from any source format.

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App Centre

App Creation
We are able to offer text-oriented app creation for STM journals, which is rich in design. Adobe Digital Publishing Solutions (DPS) provides a route to create a design-oriented app without the need for writing codes.

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Nova Techset has always been at the forefront of technology and uses all possible means to incorporate the latest ideas into its workflows and processes.

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Other Services

Nova Techset supplies the full range of deliverables. On journals these comprise:
  • Article full text XML tagged source and art files uploaded to the publisher’s online hosting site after article acceptance.